Some shortcuts with vim

Many of you know that i like VI/VIM and when i say editor it must be VIM. Often i hear at customer sites or from my colleagues, that they can’t work with vi, that shortcuts are hard to remember or even they can’t save their changes.

When you remember some short commands, you can work very fast and you can edit files through all connections (ssh, x-forward) to a server.

I created a mindmap as preparation for a speedgeeking session, the session wasn’t accepted, but the file is already done. So you can download a cheat-mindmap with a collection of shortcuts.

Navigate in files

Shortcuts in command mode:

  • gg – top of file
  • G – end of file
  • :## – ##=number go to line number
  • 0 – beginning of line
  • $ – end of line

Save and undo

  • :w – save file
  • :wq – save and close
  • :q! – close and do not safe
  • u – Undo

Some additional things

When i need to change Connections URLs within LotusConnections-config.xml after adding the webserver to my ISC, i can do this with one line.

Changing Connections URLs

Checkout LotusConnections-config.xml and edit with vim. You will find several links to your application server hostname with WebSphere ports (e.g. When you use a large deployment you have about 15 application servers with http and https links, so you need to change 30 different urls.

With vim we can use regular expressions to change the urls. Lets change to

Open LotusConnections-config.xml with vim and stay in command mode. Type



  • :%s is search and replace,
  • first part within / / is text which will be replaced
  • [0-9]* any count of a number
  • g global replace (multiple search text in one line)


Comment out some lines in httpd.conf

I often test things in my IBM HTTP Server Configuration and when i want to comment out some lines or remove the comment signs there is a easy way with vim.

Open httpd.conf and hit Ctrl+V (enters Visual Block mode),


now you can mark some characters with j (moves cursor down) or arrow keys:


Now type a capital i -> Shift+i, the cursor jumps back to the first character you marked and you can add text (e.g. “# “):


finish the commands with ESC:


Remove characters in multiple lines

You can remove the comments with nearly the same command.

Open the file, change to visual block mode (ctrl+v), mark the characters with arrow keys and remove with d.



IBM ConnectED 2015 – short review, presentation and addon

Last week i was at ConnectED 2015 in Orlando. I enjoyed the event very much, mainly because i met great old and new friends. The Lotus community is one of the best i’ve ever met, or i ever was part of.

After coming home i found out that i have a flu and the headache and need of sleep is not age dependent. So the visits to kimonos and dolphin bar are a little bit shorter than last year, but i enjoyed them nevertheless.

I did a session during ConnectED 2015, see the last version of slides here:

Today i read in Anderl Artners Blog, that he provides some Assembly Lines for TDI/SDI, which can help you with SPNEGO and mailintegration. Thanks for that!

Announcement plugin for IBM Connections

Last week i searched a way to send all Connections users an information on important updates, which should be configurable and uses cookies to hide it for a specific time.

First i had a look at the Greenhouse Announcement Widget which is used within Greenhouse.


Quite nice, but i had problems with IE 9 users and the popup appears on each page you open within Connections. So i tried something other.

After some searching i found a script of Ollie Phillips which is originally used to inform users about Cookie usage on the site. Ollie published the cookiesDirective.js under the MIT License. When you find the announcement slider useful, please buy him a beer.

I took the script and put it to a osgi bundle and added some configuration parameters.


If you want to test it, announcement-osgi, please use the updated archive! Download link see last point in this post!


Unarchive the package and copy de.stoeps.announcement_1.0.0.jar to your Connections customization folder/provision/webresources and the folder de (and all content below) to customization/javascript.

The text which is shown within the slider can be edited within customization/javascript/de/stoeps/announcement/popup.txt. You can use html code and links within this text file. So you can add links to additional informations.

Background color backgroundColor: '#CACACA', button text (buttonTextPre & buttonTextPost) and opacity (set backgroundOpacity: '99' to show a solid color) is configured in customization/javascript/de/stoeps/announcement/initialize.js

The announcement can be disabled with announcementEnabled: 'false'.

cookieLiveTime: 2 set the cookie to 2 days, so your users get the announcement again after 2 days and must confirm with the button.

After installation and after changes in initialize.js you must restart Common Application.


Klaus and Rainer mentioned problems with german language within the browsers. So i renamed the plugin from de.stoeps to org.scripting101.

Please use the following archive to install the announcement osgi plugin!


Installation and customization is nearly the same, only the path within customization/javascript changes from de/stoeps to org/scripting101!

Thanks for testing guys.

IBM ConnectED 2015 – Session “Best and Worst Practices in deploying IBM Connections”

Today IBM announced the session agenda for IBM ConnectED 2015.

I’m really interested in the new concept of more technical content and hope that all attendees will enjoy the format of the smaller designed event.

My session “BP203: Best And Worst Practices in Deploying IBM Connections” is accepted and i’m proud and happy to go to Orlando in january 2015 again.

If you haven’t already registered, follow this link.

Here some points of my planned agenda for this session:

Depending on deployment size, operating system and security considerations you have different options to configure IBM Connections.

This session will show worst practices examples from multiple customer deployments of IBM Connections. I will describe things I found and how you can optimize your systems.

Main topics include:

  • Do’s and Don’ts during IBM Connections deployments
  • simple (documented) tasks that should be applied
  • missing documentation
  • automated user synchronization, TDI solutions and user synchronization
  • performance tuning
  • security optimizing and planning
  • Single Sign On for mail, IBM Sametime and SPNEGO.


IBM Champions 2015 for ICS

IBM announced the new and returning IBM Champions Class for IBM Collaboration Solutions. I’m really proud that I was nominated and elected this year again. Thanks!

So i see forward to IBM ConnectED 2015 to meet the other 95 IBM Champions. Big congratulations to all of them. Special thanks to Oli and Amanda, they are open for questions nearly all day and supports us within IBM.

What’s an IBM Champion?

Good explanation can be found on the nomination post:

These individuals are non-IBMers who evangelize IBM solutions, share their knowledge and help grow the community of professionals who are focused on social business and IBM Collaboration Solutions. IBM Champions spend a considerable amount of their own time, energy and resources on community efforts — organizing and leading user group events, answering questions in forums, contributing wiki articles and applications, publishing podcasts, sharing instructional videos and more!