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Search fails with the error CLFRW0060E: Input-output exception

IBM released a tech document on friday with title: Search fails with the error CLFRW0060E: Input-output exception.

This document solves one of my problems i had in a demo environment since two weeks. I traced the environment, checked j2ee roles, reinstalled CR3 and 4, redeployed search and activities, but i always got an error, when the search wants to access the activities seed list.

So what happened? I want to show the /search/serverStatus page in a course and for this i want to remove all warnings and errors. When you don’t set SEARCH_SEEDLIST_TIMEOUT, you get a warning, that the variable is not set.

29-04-2014 13-01-15

So i had set this to 150 and checked the serverStatus page and all was green. So i thought everything is ok and didn’t check the documentation to this. After some hours the search was broken, with the error mentioned above. When i checked the Seedlist URL with the browser everything was ok, when the search wants to access it i got the Input-output exception.

When you read the tech document, you see that SEARCH_SEEDLIST_TIMEOUT is needed in miliseconds! So i had set it to 0.15 seconds and this is too less for activities, all other applications were ok. After reading the document i remembered setting this value and increased it to 15000 and voila the search builds perfectly and all errors are gone.

I learned again that i should read the documentation and that search/serverStatus does not validate the variables, it only checks that that the variable is present. Maybe this should be made as a feature request?

In the trace you see login data and that search can’t access the url, but not that the request timed out.

IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 released – new features are available

IBM released CR4 for IBM Connections 4.5 yesterday evening.

You can download CR4, TDISOL and some Cognos Updates at following links:

New Functions

After deploying CR4 you can enable some new features:

Hash tags in status update replies


    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.hashtagCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>

to lotusconnections-config.xml

Now you can use hash tags in replies.


Include file links in status update replies

Activate with:

    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.attachmentCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>

Now you get a add file in the reply window and you can attach one file:



Expose activity stream search in the user interface and filter by hashtag

Activate with:

    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.social.as.hashtagSearchEnabled">true</genericProperty>

Search find hashtags in the activity stream now.


Community Folders

Add following code to files-config.xml:

        <communityFolder enabled="true"/>

With this feature you can add folders in the files module of your community or in the community overview.



It is possible to share existing folders and create new ones:


@mentions via the activity stream API

Activated by default, no additional configuration needed! I did not test this feature, but i think it is good.

Properties section of lotusconnections-config.xml after applying CR4

To activate the new features of CR2 (nextGen Theme), CR3 (badging) and CR4 i have following settings in my lotusconnections-config.xml:

    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.lconn.core.web.request.HttpRequestFilter.IECompatMode">false</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.lconn.core.web.styles.theme.default">gen4</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.news.badgingEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.hashtagCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.attachmentCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.social.as.hashtagSearchEnabled">true</genericProperty>


Luis Benitez mentions some more new features in his last blog post: Introducing File Sync for Mobile and More in IBM Connections 4.5 CR4

Admincamp 2013 – updated slides in german

This week i attended the Admincamp in Gelsenkirchen. It was a awesome event, where i met lots of friends and other cool people.

I made two sessions, you can find the session slides here, in this special case in german.

  1. Security and Administration of IBM Connections
  2. Save the mice – Scripting in WebSphere, Connections and DB2 (Online Version)

I have extended and translated the session slides from ICONUK.

You can download this Slides as ZIP:

  • index.html is ICONUK Version
  • index-ac.html is german AdminCamp Version

Here some of my impressions:

Oping session with Rudi Knegt

Very interesting, but sometimes hard to understand was the second evening:

Rudi live on stage and speaking in *rudisch *about geographic things of the Netherlands and flying dutchmen. Ulrich promised he has a video, i will link it here, when i have found it.

Resume: i enjoyed it very much and i’ll come back next year.


Activate and customize “Table of contents” macro in IBM Connections Wiki

I read of a new function in IBM Connections Wiki i missed the last time on twitter today. A new macro to create a table of contents within a wiki page.

The activation of this macro is documented here: Wikis configuration properties


Specifies whether macros are enabled in Wikis. You can use macros to automate common tasks, such as generating a table of contents in a wiki page. The default value of this parameter is false. To enable macros, set the value to true. When enabled, macros are available from the Macros menu in the editor toolbar.

I’m a little bit confused, because i have to change the wording in wikis-config.xml:

      <wikitexttab enabled="true" />
      <wikimacros enabled="true" /> <!-- add this line --> 

After checking in the configuration file and restart connections i got a new button in my wikis editor:

Macro for Table of Contents

Quite cool, but the macro only generates headings with format h2, h3 and h4 to the TOC. The richtext editor provides headings h1-h4. I want to change this behavior, that h1 will be added to TOC too.

I found a great article on adding templates to ckeditor from Rob Novak, there he describes how you can customize the ckeditor of wikis. I used the paths mentioned in this article to customize the toc behavior.

Extract toc.js

You can find the needed file com.ibm.lconn.wikis.web.resources_3.5.0.20130627-1601.jar in folder /opt/IBM/Connections/data/shared/provision/webresources. I extracted it to /tmp:

unzip -d /tmp/ckeditor /opt/IBM/Connections/data/shared/provision/webresources/com.ibm.lconn.wikis.web.resources_3.5.0.20130627-1601.jar

Create customization path and copy toc.js

mkdir -p /opt/IBM/Connections/data/shared/customization/javascript/lconn/wikis/macros
cp /tmp/ckeditor/resources/macros/toc.js /opt/IBM/Connections/data/shared/customization/javascript/lconn/wikis/macros

Change toc.js

vim /opt/IBM/Connections/data/shared/customization/javascript/lconn/wikis/macros/toc.js

You find the following part:

lconn.wikis.macros.toc = {
//node id sequence for TOC link.
    fragmentSeqn: 1,
    topLevel: 2,
    bottomLevel: 4,
    template: 'Table of Contents:<INSERT-BODY>',

You have to change topLevel and bottomLevel to following:

lconn.wikis.macros.toc = {
//node id sequence for TOC link.
    fragmentSeqn: 1,
    topLevel: 1,
    bottomLevel: 5,
    template: 'Table of Contents:<INSERT-BODY>',

After a new Connections restart my toc got updated with h1 – h5.


Change Styles

If you want to change the default style of your tocs, you can do this in the toc.js file too! I prefer my TOC on the right screen side and with a light grey not yellow background.

I changed:

 style: 'border-radius: 6px; margin: 8px; padding: 4px; display: block; width: 50%;background-color: #ffc;',


 style: 'border-radius: 6px; margin: 8px; padding: 4px; display: block; width: 30%;background-color: #E0E0E0;float:right;padding:10px;margin-left:20px;margin-bottom:20px;',

Now i have a little bit smaller toc with additional space to the content:

Changing the style of your toc

It would be better to define the styles through a CSS file in customization folder, but i only want to test it. When you want to change through css file, then you should remove most of the styles from style:.

Saving my time using scripts – Social Connections V

Today i spoke at Social Connections V User Group Meeting in Zurich. What should i say. It was a pleasure and i enjoyed it very much. Hope we can discuss more scripts the next weeks.

Session Slides

Here you can watch the session slides:

Scripts Download

You can download all scripts without warranty and on your own risk on:

http: //www.github.com/stoeps13/ibmcnxscripting

Please download the master branch, develop and bugfix can contain not ready scripts.

Slidedownload soccnx

More Slides on http: //www.slideshare.net/soccnx