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Started WebSphere 8 Download

I read today the requirements for IBM Connections 4.5, which will be released on 29th of march. On point there is WebSphere Application Server V8.0.0.5 for Network Deployment.

WebSphere Application Server V8 must be installed through Install Manager, so you have to download 4 packages for the server core and 4 packages for supplements. After this the fixes for, what do you think you many data will it be?

You will download more than 10 GB of Software only for WebSphere Installation! 6.x GB for V8 and about 5 GB for fixes.

Here the Software (with some DB2 stuff):





Customizing Connections 4 Wikis Default (Welcome) Page

The Default Page of Wikis shows some content for our users to offer them better work experience, but in some companies it would be good to change this text or use only one language. Content of this welcome page is set in the default language of the user who creates the wiki.

I found the properties File for this text area in {WAS_Root}/profiles/AppSrv01/installedApps/{cellname}/Wikis.ear When you unzip the file share.services.jar, you get the path com/ibm/lconn/share/services/handlers/wiki/nls/ and there the properties-files for wikis (WikiWelcomePageMessages.properties).

To change the values for english, you create a file named com.ibm.lconn.share.services.handlers.wiki.nls.WikiWelcomePageMessages.properties in {Connections Shared Directory}/customization/strings/

Here you define:

WELCOME_MESSAGE_HTML=Your Default Wiki Welcome Text
WELCOME_MESSAGE_COMMUNITY_HTML=Your Default Community Wiki Welcome Text

The string can contain html markup.

If you want to change this in additional languages, you have to prepare files with following name: com.ibm.lconn.share.services.handlers.wiki.nls.WikiWelcomePageMessages_{LanguageCode}.properties

Setting dataSource/JDBC parameters with wsadmin

Setting the performance tuning parameters for all datasources in WebSphere Application Server (for IBM Connections 4) is a really annoying job with lots of mouse clicks.

I searched a way to make these through wsadmin with a jython script and after some testing i wrote one, which set all parameters for the Connections DataSources as described in IBM Connections 4 Performance Tuning Guide.

I set StatementCacheSize, minConnections and maxConnections with this script.



Using this script

Copy this script to your server and copy & paste it to a wsadmin-Session, or start wsadmin with wsadmin.(sh|bat) -lang jython -username youruser -password password -f path/changeDataSourceParameter.py

I didn’t include error handling. When a DataSource is not configured, then the script will terminate!


I use this script in several installations without problem, but i’m not responsible, when you break your systems or loose data!

If you find errors, you can comment or send me a mail, but i will not provide support for this script.