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Saving my time using scripts – Social Connections V

Today i spoke at Social Connections V User Group Meeting in Zurich. What should i say. It was a pleasure and i enjoyed it very much. Hope we can discuss more scripts the next weeks.

Session Slides

Here you can watch the session slides:

Scripts Download

You can download all scripts without warranty and on your own risk on:

http: //www.github.com/stoeps13/ibmcnxscripting

Please download the master branch, develop and bugfix can contain not ready scripts.

Slidedownload soccnx

More Slides on http: //www.slideshare.net/soccnx

Connections 3 Customizing – custom.css is not enough

I had a problem last week with some customizations via custom.css in IBM Connections CR3. Communities still use the default Layout and colors.

I found that defaultTheme.css rewrites some of my custom.css statements. I had to add the content of custom.css to the end of the xxxTheme.css (lazy but it works), that i have a consistent color and layout change. Tests with @import are not working, because @import must be the first statement of a css file and i need to add the custom.css to the end of the xxxTheme.css.

ruddigkeit.net – IBM Connections 4.0 CR3 available – update

IBM announced CR3 for IBM Connections 4.0, that’s about 800 MB new updates. Don’t forget to update your homepage database, when you didn’t install CR2 already.

more: ruddigkeit.net | ..:: collaboration and more ::...


CR3 needs database updates for metrics database and cognos application! Please read this technote.