IBM Connect 2014

IBM Connect 2014 is here. I enjoyed the last days very much! Meeting great old and new friends, community members and the IBM Champions family. I’m very impressed of the news IBM provides us. New IBM Mail and Connections Mail, Connections next and the integration of lots of software within IBM Connections. Today i will

Eclipse As A Jython IDE

I added several plugins to my Eclipse, so i can access the scripts on GitHub and edit through an IDE: Jython and Python Development PyDev: Markdown (Documentation within Github) Markdown: Access GitHub: EGIT: Shellscript Editor EasyShell: ShellEd: SQL Scripts SQL Explorer:

Install IC4 Lotus Notes Plugins on Mac OS X 10.8.x

Today Luis Benitez annouced the new Connections 4 Plugins for Lotus Notes. The zip-file contains all three operating system installer. Windows, Linux and Mac, but i had no success to install through xpd.mac-addon.pgk, because the preinstall script stop the installation. You can open this file in finder: Now you can copy the updatesite folder to an