IBM Connections APAR LO73245

I read an open APAR on IBM Connections today (login required!): LO73245 Description: TDI’s doesn’t allow us to import departmentNumbers longer than 16 chars, although the database schema supports values up to 24 chars. And as local solution: worked around the issue with creating a custom field I had a very similar problem with

Populate profile pictures with TDI to LDAP

Today i made a new assembly line in Tivoli Directory Integrator. I iterate Shortname and Filename (with path) of a jpeg-photo in a csv-file. A java class converts this pic to an jpeg binary (class returns this binary array) and then tdi write this value to domino ldap in jpegphoto attribute. Works great, only the

Running Sync_All_DNS as scheduled task on Windows 2008

To automate the sync_all_dns.bat on my IBM Lotus Connections Servers, i made a scheduled task for the Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) script. This works fine on Windows 2003. Today i discovered that my scheduled task on Windows 2008 wasn’t running since i switched the operating system to Microsoft Windows 2008. After a search i found