Install IC4 Lotus Notes Plugins on Mac OS X 10.8.x

Today Luis Benitez annouced the new Connections 4 Plugins for Lotus Notes. The zip-file contains all three operating system installer. Windows, Linux and Mac, but i had no success to install through xpd.mac-addon.pgk, because the preinstall script stop the installation. You can open this file in finder: Now you can copy the updatesite folder to an

McGimp 2.8 – Gimp 2.8 as a native Mac OS X App

Partha’s Place McGimp 2.8 (Native Mac Gimp 2.8) Introducing the Mac version of Gimp 2.8. This is a native Mac version of Gimp that works just like any other Mac application. Great app with tons of functions and now as a native Mac OS X App.

Sametime and Connections Plugins in Lotus Notes

Some more points to my working configuration of Single Sign-On in Lotus Notes. Automating configuration with plugin_customization.ini I do a lot of software tests with my productive Notes Client (on Mac OS), so i often delete the Expeditor-folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data/. So i place configuration details in /Applications/, then the settings get automatically

Using LotusLive with Google Chrome

Using LotusLive with Google Chrome via Using LotusLive with Google Chrome Chris Toohey wrote a very interesting article on changing User Agent with Google Chrome. Needed this last week on an IBM Webcast, where LotusLive told me after login -> you use an unsupported browser. :(