Dependencies Connections 4 Applications

Last week i want to build a “light” Connections Installation to test some things like OAuth and Customizing. So i installed Domino 9 Beta on Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit, DB2 9.5.7 Express and WebSphere. I deployed the homepage and the profiles databases. After this i want to install the required applications of Connections (Homepage, Search and News) and Profiles.

Installation shows no more dependencies and i started up my Connections after install. Modules are looking good, but when i want to add a status update the windows opens, but show no buttons to Save the Status. Even on homepage or people views i can’t add status updates.

I had a look on a full installation and found “Files” addin in the Status Update Overlay. So i deployed filesDB and the application. Files was added to the overlay window, but still no buttons to save or cancel.

In Firebug i see that i get errors on some communities modules. So i deployed sncomm database and the communities application. After firing up Connections i can save Status Updates. It is enough to install Communities, the application mustn’t run! So i removed the autostart of communities and can use a lighter system, which runs on my notebook to test several things.

Status Update Overlay

Homepage Status Update

Red parts in this screenshots come with Files, blue ones with Communities Application.

I think IBM should document these dependencies in Connections Wiki or in the Installation Manager. I found no descriptions of dependencies in IM or the Wiki.