Embed uploaded videos to IBM Connections blog post or wiki page

Here for example embedding a video to a blog post. Prerequist is that you’ve no fear to change some html source.

  1. Upload the video to the Files application in Connections
    1. All blog readers need to have access to the video file
    2. Easiest way is to upload to Community files and use it in the Community blog directly in this community
  2. Open the file within IBM Connections Docs Viewer and click on ABOUT – Get Links
  3. Copy the “Link to download file:” to the clipboard
  4. Now create a new blog post (add heading, tags, additional text)
  5. Switch to the HTML view in the post
  6. On the position where you want to add the video, add following source:
    <video src="url from files viewer" controls="controls" width="640px" height="480px"></video>
  7. Post the document