Linkdump 1/2018

I’m not sure how long ago I started following Dirk Deimekes Blog. It must be years, because I found the rss feed address already in my Google reader export.

First of all I need to thank him, it is always a good read and that’s the reason I want to adopt one of his weekly habits – the linkdump. Not sure if I can do that weekly, but will try to post a linkdump of the best articles I read from my wallabag list. It will cover nearly everything I do, so working, IBM, Security and so on.

So that’s the first linkdump. Hope you like it.

4 Replies to “Linkdump 1/2018”

  1. After reading “Disable HTTP trace in Apache”, I don’t understand why one should do that (aside from pleasing vulnerability scanners)?

    1. Well TRACE is a debugging parameter and I would disable everything on my servers which is not necessary. During debugging you can get a lot of valuable information, so that’s my reason to disable it.
      There are 2 old cve which directly attacks TRACE too. It doesn’t hurt, but I would minimize the attack surface as much as possible.

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