Adding EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED to all users

Today i read a question in the IBM Connections Forum about setting the EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED role to all users in a Connections deployment. It would be easy to set it directly in the database, but that’s not supported by IBM. I wrote a little script some weeks ago, because i had the same request, but never

SSL0115E: Initialization error, Error validating ASN fields in certificate

Today I got a call that a IBM HTTP Server stopped working after a reboot. The service starts and ends again after some seconds. In the error_log of IBM HTTP we found following messages: [notice] Bld version: 8.5.5 [notice] Bld date: Oct 30 2014, 11:44:02 [notice] Webserver: IBM_HTTP_Server [notice] Using config file C:/IBM/HTTPServer/conf/httpd.conf [notice] IBM_HTTP_Server/

IBM Connections – Communities Trash

Today i thought about creating and deleting some Communities with the REST API. Works really good and i need to post my findings sometimes. First cool thing is that you can create restricted Communities with external feature through REST. After deleting these Communities i checked the Community overview through my browser and found following view: