Flood prevention

A very good cite on Sysadmins: If you are rewarded for cleaning up after floods but not recognized for building flood prevention instead, pretty soon you start losing enthusiasm for trying to argue your bosses into funding that flood prevention. More: http://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/sysadmin/OpsHeroism  

Domino Console on the Mac

Wow great tipp! Read it a few years ago, but forgot it. Thanks Gab! http://www.turtleweb.com/turtleblog.nsf/dx/24082011172619GDAMAP.htm

PacLug – Two Minutes Drills Slides

Ted Hardenburgh gave a session on Paclug on “Two Minutes Drills“. I found some good hints in his slides and can recommend it for all Lotus Domino Administrators. You can download some sample code like New User Mail Agent Orphan Mail File Search template Quickr 8.2 Entry Generate XML All Quickr 8.2. Entry Generate XML