IBM Connections – Communities Trash

Today i thought about creating and deleting some Communities with the REST API. Works really good and i need to post my findings sometimes. First cool thing is that you can create restricted Communities with external feature through REST. After deleting these Communities i checked the Community overview through my browser and found following view:

Another new feature with IBM Connections 5.0 CR3

Within the fixlist of the new released CR3 of IBM Connections 5 there are several new configuration options mentioned. One of the interesting ones for me is the mobile update parameter AllowRemoveAccount. The default value is “false” and your Connections environment still works before, but what’s changed when you set this to true? The official

Using markdown with IBM Connections Blogs

I use markdown since years to create my articles or most of documentation stuff. It’s really cool to edit the text files on all of my devices, synchronize them fast through various internet services and create HTML, PDF or even DOCX files out of this sources. Until last week i converted the markdown sources with