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IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 released – new features are available

IBM released CR4 for IBM Connections 4.5 yesterday evening.

You can download CR4, TDISOL and some Cognos Updates at following links:

New Functions

After deploying CR4 you can enable some new features:

Hash tags in status update replies


    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.hashtagCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>

to lotusconnections-config.xml

Now you can use hash tags in replies.


Include file links in status update replies

Activate with:

    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.attachmentCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>

Now you get a add file in the reply window and you can attach one file:



Expose activity stream search in the user interface and filter by hashtag

Activate with:

    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.social.as.hashtagSearchEnabled">true</genericProperty>

Search find hashtags in the activity stream now.


Community Folders

Add following code to files-config.xml:

        <communityFolder enabled="true"/>

With this feature you can add folders in the files module of your community or in the community overview.



It is possible to share existing folders and create new ones:


@mentions via the activity stream API

Activated by default, no additional configuration needed! I did not test this feature, but i think it is good.

Properties section of lotusconnections-config.xml after applying CR4

To activate the new features of CR2 (nextGen Theme), CR3 (badging) and CR4 i have following settings in my lotusconnections-config.xml:

    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.lconn.core.web.request.HttpRequestFilter.IECompatMode">false</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.lconn.core.web.styles.theme.default">gen4</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.news.badgingEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.hashtagCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.connections.ublog.attachmentCommentEnabled">enabled</genericProperty>
    <genericProperty name="com.ibm.social.as.hashtagSearchEnabled">true</genericProperty>


Luis Benitez mentions some more new features in his last blog post: Introducing File Sync for Mobile and More in IBM Connections 4.5 CR4

Some Words After Engage And Bcconde

This week i attended Engage in Breda. I had a session with famous Sharon Bellamy, we covered an update of our Connect 2014 session about “BP307 – Practical Solutions for Connections Administrators – Tips and Scripts for Your Daily Busines“.

I enjoyed it very much to be with lovely community guys, old and new friends. I want to thank Theo Heselman, he and his crew did and does a really great job to get us all together (350 attendees, 30 IBM Champions, 65 speakers).

Engage 2014-8003

Kitty and Warren Elsmore were with us again and made lovely copies of ourself in lego. Thanks to you too.

After closing session We4It has organized a shuttle to Hamburg. The travel was really good organized and we enjoyed soft drinks, beer and even a great meal at a rainy stop in the middle of the way.

Oli Heinz made great pictures at Engage and Bccon. He also saves this unforgetable experience:

enter image description here

Well prepared we arrived in Hamburg to be at the bcconde a new usergroup event in Germany. About 100 people were there, to see sessions, talk with speakers and sponsors. 7 of 30 IBM Champions which where in Breda made it to come to Hamburg and 6 of us had a short night there.

Session with Klaus Bild was the first time presentating the Connect slides in german and doing a session with Klaus. I see forward to make some new sessions with him.

On thursday i made a review of a IBM Connections environment in Hamburg. Nothing special, but some interesting effects. Main problem in my eyes is the internet proxy used here.

Flight back wasn’t special, but again i had to wait half an hour for suitcase at the airport. Finally i arrived at home at March 21st, 00:30.

There is only one word to describe this week:


New OpenNTF.org project: Administration Scripts for WebSphere

I started a new project on OpenNTF for the collection of scripts we created to speed up and simplify WebSphere and Connections Administration.

Link to this project: Administration Scripts for WebSphere

In the moment most of documentation is only as comment in these scripts. Descriptions can be found in Github and Slideshare.


  • J2EE Security Role Backup and Restore
  • Set initial Security Roles for Connections Applications (Author: Klaus Bild)


When you want to start with this collection, copy the jython script to your Deployment Manager bin-folder ($WAS_HOME/profiles/Dmgr01/bin) and call the scripts with wsadmin.sh -f scriptname

I will create more documentation in the next days. Please use the slideshare documents and icon uk presentation to begin using and coding jython.


I will presentate some of these scripts on 50. Dannotes on Thursday 28th November in Korsør.