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Saving my time using scripts – Social Connections V

Today i spoke at Social Connections V User Group Meeting in Zurich. What should i say. It was a pleasure and i enjoyed it very much. Hope we can discuss more scripts the next weeks.

Session Slides

Here you can watch the session slides:

Scripts Download

You can download all scripts without warranty and on your own risk on:

http: //www.github.com/stoeps13/ibmcnxscripting

Please download the master branch, develop and bugfix can contain not ready scripts.

Slidedownload soccnx

More Slides on http: //www.slideshare.net/soccnx

Setting dataSource/JDBC parameters with wsadmin

Setting the performance tuning parameters for all datasources in WebSphere Application Server (for IBM Connections 4) is a really annoying job with lots of mouse clicks.

I searched a way to make these through wsadmin with a jython script and after some testing i wrote one, which set all parameters for the Connections DataSources as described in IBM Connections 4 Performance Tuning Guide.

I set StatementCacheSize, minConnections and maxConnections with this script.



Using this script

Copy this script to your server and copy & paste it to a wsadmin-Session, or start wsadmin with wsadmin.(sh|bat) -lang jython -username youruser -password password -f path/changeDataSourceParameter.py

I didn’t include error handling. When a DataSource is not configured, then the script will terminate!


I use this script in several installations without problem, but i’m not responsible, when you break your systems or loose data!

If you find errors, you can comment or send me a mail, but i will not provide support for this script.

Klaus Bild – Add admin users to Connections 4 security roles – the easy way

Klaus Bild provided two scripts for setting Connections Admins through jython and wsadmin.

I want to add one detail, when you want to add multiple Admins, then you can use pipe | as delimiter.
First line would be

Thanks Klaus, i like to set the admins through a script, because fixpack installations often set the j2ee roles to default.